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Welcome to the Gretchen Yanover website. I'd like to thank Jon Ryser for building this wonderful website. I hope you enjoy the music! Please add my site to your favorites and link to me when you can.

My solo CD, Bow and Cello is available. You can get it at CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, and all the other sites where you like to buy or download music! It is also now available at the East West Bookshop in Ravenna and Waking Life in the University District!


I really want to thank Echoes for giving my CD, "Bow and Cello" so much airplay! The CD was in their top 20 for months! It was even #2 for a while! John Diliberto came out to Seattle and recorded a "Living Room Concert" with me at my home. They aired it on their radio show a number of times. If you sign up at their site, I believe you can listen to it! They did a feature about me. They are so fabulous!

Oasis Sampler

Oasis CD Manufacturing chose to include my piece, "Orcas August", from my CD, "Bow and Cello" on a CD they created called "Oasis New Age Vol. V". This CD was distributed to radio and press throughout the known world. I was humbled yet very pleased when they wrote me with this news. It was thrilling that they even considered me. "Orcas August" appears as track 10 on disk one of this two-disk sampler.


BrightsideBroadcast.com is podcasting an interview I did with them. I found the interview very interesting. This podcast includes live performances of a couple of pieces as well as tracks from my CD, Bow and Cello. Check out their site and subscribe to this podcast.

KUOW 94.9 FM

Dave Beck did a feature of Bow and Cello on his show, "the Beat" on KUOW 94.9 FM in Seattle. Listen to the show via RealAudio!
Gavin Borchert recently reviewed Bow and Cello on "the Beat" as well. I was so honored to be reviewed along-side Ken Benshoof's new CD, "24 Preludes; Patti's Parlour Pieces".

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Bow and Cello
Gretchen's beautiful and soothing cello weaves a deep music warmed with layers of color and texture.
All instruments were performed by Gretchen and all pieces but two were composed by her. The final two pieces on the CD were composed by Michael Cava.
The record's playtime is exactly 60 minutes; perfect for a massage, meditation, or other therapeutic session.
Please, listen the the audio bites at CDBaby.com for yourself!

Check this link to the Northwest Sinfonietta website for concert information.

It is one thing to play a musical instrument, and yet another to live that instrument. Gretchen Yanover has been living the cello since she was 10 years old. This passionate obsession has persisted and (to our delight) borne fruit.
Gretchen has played in the Northwest Sinfonietta since 1998, the premier professional chamber orchestra in the Pacific Northwest. She also freelances in various orchestras and ensembles such as the Boise Philharmonic, the Tacoma Symphony Orchestra, and the Bellevue Philharmonic. Gretchen has played with many varied string quartets. Outside of the "classical" music realm, Gretchen performs steadily. She has played in KD Lang's orchestra and recorded with Built to Spill, Trwst, the Stares, and Tim Young. She spent a couple years performing and recording with the live drum & bass group, KJ Sawka.

Ms. Yanover now balances performing, teaching, and life with her daughter. She teaches strings as well as other music classes at the Northwest School in Seattle and is the head of the music department. She has been bringing music to children in public and private schools since 1998 when she received her teaching certificate and a BA in music at the University of Washington.

Gretchen's first solo release titled "Bow and Cello" is a beautiful collection of twelve personal compositions and two composed by the late Michael Cava. Of her own compositions, many were born out of Saturday morning improvisations at Lighthouse Roasters cafe in Seattle, where she performed for several years. These pieces have been described as lyrically melodic wanderings over meditative ostinatos. Gretchen began those Saturday mornings with simply bow and cello (acoustic) performing classical pieces. After a time, she brought in her electric cello and a Line 6 loop sampler and began improvising sincere and soothing melodies over samples of cello-lines she created. These improvisations led her to record this lovely work where she further composed these pieces with her acoustic cello. Each track has its own personality and beauty. The full length of the CD is timed at 60 minutes, which lends wonderfully to a massage or meditation session.