2 from Tom in Nipomo, CA

Hi Gretchen:

We had just landed in Seattle a couple of weeks ago and my wife (in a wheelchair) went to the ladies room while I waited with my ukulele and our luggage. I was tense and anxious about the things we needed to do next.  Rent a car, negotiate the streets to get to W. Seattle to see our daughter.  And there you were playing so beautifully.  I was mesmerized by your playing and I bought a CD...Bow and Cello.  

And now, as I start to prepare dinner I play the CD again.  I am so moved by it that I stop to write to let you know how calming or uplifting or both the music is.  I love chance encounters and unexpected opportunities.  I just wanted you to know that your music is being listened to on the Central Coast of California right now and is appreciated.


Hi Gretchen:

We had a very stressful day today and needed some respite.  Well, once I put on 'Bridge Across Sound' we began to chill and even feel inspired. 
My wife is in a wheelchair and we bought our first CD (Bow & Cello) when we got off the plane earlier this year in Seattle.  It helped us cope with that visit that was about medical care.  And then we bought the recent CD.  I know this sounds a bit maudlin but we just wanted you to know that there is a couple on the Central Coast of California that finds your music soothing and uplifting.  Best to You.

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