Title story--Waves

Choosing titles is fun and challenging for me. Album titles are the most tricky! Here is the story of Waves Wash Over Us....

Background: My regular "classical" gig is a member of the cello section in Northwest Sinfonietta. My 3 wonderful cellist colleagues and I are endearingly referred to as "the Fab 4" by our executive director. I have been sitting next to my "stand partner" Val since 1998! 

Anyhow, last summer we had the pleasure of recording a collection of dances for piano and orchestra with the amazing Joel Fan. Joel soloed with Sinfonietta in the fall, and I enjoyed my unique vantage point from the stage (looking head-on through the piano to Joel). It was during Joel's encore--I think it was Liszt's Mephisto Waltz--that I became mesmerized by the sound of the piano... Joel is a freaking monster (I mean that in the very best way)... I felt like sound waves were washing over me, soul-cleansing, energizing, reminding me of why I love music and play music. 

My music is far from Liszt, but who knows what sounds reach us.... I hope it can find a way to touch on something for you. 

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