From Shalaine in Tacoma, WA

Hello! Just wanted to tell you that my husband Oz and I were so blessed to see and hear you in the Sea-Tac airport mid-December. What a special moment for us! We actually never did get away together for a honeymoon and this was going to be our first little get away since our wedding. We missed our flight in the morning and now we were back at the airport, but a now a little more relaxed as we had some time to get coffee and sit a couple minutes. I didn't yet see you but when I heard the music I instantly relaxed even more and was taken to a peaceful serene place even in the midst of all the movement of people. I think you cast a spell on everyone in there! They forgot where they were going and were forced to be still within themselves for a minute as they were given a taste of heaven... Even if they didn't realize what was happening. All I know was that It was a divine moment for Oz and I as we were placed there for that couple minutes to be blessed... Then we had to run to go and still wrapped up in it we didn't realize we would barely make our flight again lol. I hope all is well and i'm so glad to have seen and heard you again! Have a beautiful day!

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