From Brandon and Gemma in Napa, CA 

Good morning, Gretchen!   On behalf of myself and my daughter, Gemma (12), I wanted to express gratitude and appreciation for all you do for the cello world. I suppose it started in the womb, but we've always listened to your music and it inspired Gemma to take on the cello. She takes lessons and plays in t the Napa Youth Symphony, but more recently has taken interest in experimenting with a loop machine and instantly recognized your sound and potential to play beyond the "classical" setting.    Anyways, thanks… Read more

In loving memory of Steve Rison (1945-2018). Shared with permission of his daughter, Shelley.  

Dec 10, 2017

Dear Gretchen, 
I saw your instrument before I heard it, I think. My daughter, Shelley, and I were in transit from Kelowna in BC to a family gathering near Ashland, Oregon, on Saturday, October 21st. We had some layover time in SeaTac, so we walked the length of a long corridor, and at the end, where it became a kind of "T" I saw this amazing instrument that looked like a cello, but a cello with bulimia. I noticed right away the beautiful concentrated energy of the woman playing the instrument…

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From Shalaine in Tacoma, WA 

Hello! Just wanted to tell you that my husband Oz and I were so blessed to see and hear you in the Sea-Tac airport mid-December. What a special moment for us! We actually never did get away together for a honeymoon and this was going to be our first little get away since our wedding. We missed our flight in the morning and now we were back at the airport, but a now a little more relaxed as we had some time to get coffee and sit a couple minutes. I didn't yet see you but when I heard the music I instantly…

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From Giovanni C. in Pasadena, CA 

Hi Gretchen, my name is Giovanni, we've never met. I was driving, listening to KUSC, the Classical radio station here in L.A. and all of a sudden a sweet, slow, ethereal yet intense melody started to play.... I had to pull over to the side of the road to Shazam the piece, it was your "Will" playing. How beautiful. Thank You! I am going through a rough patch and your music is food for my hurt soul. If I'll ever travel to Seattle I'll make sure I'll see one of your live performances. Thank You again. … Read more

From Loren in Tacoma, WA 

Dear Listeners,

In my last post, I invited folks to respond to ideas around food and music. Shortly thereafter I received an amazing email from Mr. Loren S., which I have his permission to now share with you. I am so grateful for the heartfelt words sent to me, and I am grateful that people take time to write to me. I am also grateful for warm smiles, kind words spoken, and support felt in so many ways. Thank you. 

Here is Loren's email:

Dear Ms. Yanover...

Last Saturday night, me, my brother and his…

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From Bob in Anacortes, WA 

A week ago Sunday I was in the Seattle Airport. You were there performing. Your music inspired me. My wife had just dropped me off at the airport & I was feeling lost. I travel a lot with my work & she was staying home in Anacortes. 
So... With our Anniversary coming up on the 7th of August. I wrote this in a card that I am sending to her.
I 1st heard this song played live in the Seattle Airport after leaving you. The name of the song is: "The Story of an Embrace." Musician: Gretchen Yanover

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From Nancy in Las Vegas, NV 

"Your music is so beautiful!  As if your hands were directly guided by the Lord God Himself by His own personal strings attached to your very hands.  Musicians like you restore my faith in humanity.  Thank you for being a musician."


2 from Tom in Nipomo, CA 

Hi Gretchen:

We had just landed in Seattle a couple of weeks ago and my wife (in a wheelchair) went to the ladies room while I waited with my ukulele and our luggage. I was tense and anxious about the things we needed to do next.  Rent a car, negotiate the streets to get to W. Seattle to see our daughter.  And there you were playing so beautifully.  I was mesmerized by your playing and I bought a CD...Bow and Cello.  

And now, as I start to prepare dinner I play the CD again.  I am so moved by it that I…

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From Eric in Ventura County, CA 

Wow, Gretchen, I can not begin to tell you how beautiful your music is. I really enjoy the three downloads that I purchased, from you, when I was in Seattle. There is not one piece that I do not like. I have always liked New Age, but not everything. Your music really puts me in a "place" a different "state of mind". I hear so many different influences in your music. I hope that you come out with more albums, and even visit Southern CA sometime. All the best, Eric

From Bryan in Olympia 

Hi Gretchen,

I just wanted to congratulate you on the success of your concert and the release of your new album!  I am blown away by your new works...there is something about your music that just taps right into the emotional part of my brain.  I'm not a weepy guy, but there were a few songs that had me tearing up...they're that beautiful.

BRAVA! Bryan