From Bob in Anacortes, WA

A week ago Sunday I was in the Seattle Airport. You were there performing. Your music inspired me. My wife had just dropped me off at the airport & I was feeling lost. I travel a lot with my work & she was staying home in Anacortes. 
So... With our Anniversary coming up on the 7th of August. I wrote this in a card that I am sending to her.
I 1st heard this song played live in the Seattle Airport after leaving you. The name of the song is: "The Story of an Embrace." Musician: Gretchen Yanover
As I stood there watching/ listening to the Artist Passionately play her Cello. I realized this song summed up my relationship, in music, with you, my wife.
The song starts out with a Solo Low Note. (Me)
As the Song continues a Higher Excited Note chimes in. (You)
Then the tones build into a Beautiful Blended Melody (Us)
When I listen to this song, It's Our Love that I hear!
Honey, You are the Color in my World!
Happy Anniversary!

I bought your CD there at the Seattle Airport from you & I am currently in Tulsa Oklahoma. My Love is in Anacortes, Wa.

Can you suggest a way for me to send this song to her for our Anniversary. If I were home I would bring her to your performance on August 4th. I want her to hear this song for the first time when she reads the card for her.
There is a Song by Yanni called, "Whispers in the Dark" that was the 1st song that became a, Song for Sharon, my wife.
This song you wrote has touched me Very Deeply.
It is now my, Sharon Song. I can't stop listening to it.
It breaths the Essence of our Love.
Thank-you for writing such an Incredible Song.
Your new Fan!

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