Cello Glow online program notes

I wish to present this collection with honor and respect for those who identify as Christian, and those who connect with this music while identifying in other ways. My own spiritual path finds me somewhere between Humanist and Pantheist. I was raised by my Catholic mother and Jewish father, together more than 50 years and still going strong. In December, we had both a Menorah and a Christmas tree in the house. My childhood experiences were the foundation of a worldview based on tolerance, acceptance of differences, and a knowledge that Love goes through and beyond our possible perceived divisions. These pieces bring me warm memories, they ground me, and they bring smiles. I hope you find some resonance in this sound space.

It was intriguing to research the origins of these pieces. A few of these melodies were composed long before they were joined to their now familiar lyrics. I enjoyed playing traditional settings, as well as creating some new arrangements. The album includes brief notes about each piece.

Please see my separate post about Le Café (Arabian Dance) - Tchaikovsky (from The Nutcracker, composed 1892)

And, a note about Canon in D - Johann Pachelbel (1653-1706) You’re welcome! Or, please forgive me. I think there is no in-between. This is an oft requested piece, and it has found its way to becoming a Christmas tune as well. I don’t know how many times I’ve played the 8 note bass line, but I never tire of this piece. Plus, it is fun to play the violin parts!


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