The Elephant and The Swan

It started in a rehearsal with Different Drummer Band, talking about what our spirit animal would be.... the Elephant and the Swan being two pieces from Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saens, representing the bass and the cello. The thing is, I do feel like the Swan--or rather, the Ugly Duckling-turned-Swan. Like many kids, I felt like quite the "other" growing up. My brown skin was not reflected around me, in school or in media. And, that brown skin of mine was covered with spots. (Seriously. I had a rare condition that gave me spots all over my body from age 10--the year I started playing cello--into adulthood.) I pretty much poured all my energy into practicing cello, a part of my life where I felt accepted and celebrated. And somewhere along the way, I blossomed.... 

And then there's the Elephant. I don't think of the bass in this case. The Elephant in the room for me is the issues of our days. I find it challenging to send out messages asking you folks to tune into my musical life, when there are huge issues with humans and this planet. I try to stay away from too many words, because I would rather communicate through music, beyond words.... and for you to get what you need from listening to what I can offer. 

I am going to try to continue to have my music offer a peaceful sanctuary for the mind and the heart. I am going to continue to be open to each person who opens themselves to me and my cello. I am going to wear my emotions on my sleeve and send it out through my strings as a bridge across sound. 

Thank you for contining to Listen. 

Love Gretchen

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